Felting is thousands of years old and is thought to be one of the earliest know materials made by man. Felt has been used for garments, footwear, rugs, dwellings ( yurts) and even body armour.

I find I am drawn to felting because of the texture of wool and way each fibre holds colour. The transformation of raw fleece into felt is a process that never ceases to amaze me.
I have been experimenting with combining the ancient art of wet felting with the relatively new technique of using needles.

I start by laying down a base of wool and then I build up my image with layers of dyed fleece. To lock the design into place I use a felting needle.
The little barbs on the needle entangle the fibres, allowing me to blend colors and acheive detail, much like painting.

Once I feel that the image is complete I felt the entire piece using the wet felting method.
This involves boiling water, soap and friction to further intertwine the fibres. There is some shrinkage throughout these processes but very little distortion.

I feel connected to my creativity throught the tactile experience I have with felting, and I feel I am just starting to explore the possibilities it offers as an illustrative medium.